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Up to 80% of people are visual learners. PlaneTask helps to organize work, personal tasks, and daily routine in the most effective visual way.



Get a systemic view on your long-term goals and daily tasks. Make sure your day-to-day activities lead you to your most desired ambitious goals in the long perspective.



Get the to-do list easily. Scan your tasks for urgency and importance at a glance. Maintain a healthy work-life balance and focus on the right things.



Be confident that everything is well organized and considered. Get a clear overview of your planned and finished tasks. Keep track of all critical deadlines.


Visualize your goals and tasks

Associate your tasks with the pictures you choose for them. Your most ambitious goals are realized much easier when you know exactly how the final result looks like. Visual patterns are perceived a way more effective than text descriptions.


Intuitively build your task universe

Set up the center of your universe – upload an avatar from the disk or from URL. The importance of the task grows with the size of the planet. The closer the planet is to the center of the solar system, the more urgent the task is


Find your work-life balance

Select the task type: business, family, sport etc. Each type is marked with its own color. See what type of tasks are prevailing in your universe. Check your life balance wheel at a glance.


See measurable progress

Enjoy your way to the top goals through day-to-day accomplishments. Visualize your productivity trends. Set weekly and daily goals and track your achievements.Use PlaneTask automated checks to measure and improve your progress.

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